Love for beer Published 08/07/2022

Love for beer

Although wars, as a rule, do not bring anything good, the long-lasting Austro-Turkish war, which took place in 1683-1699 also led on the soil of Slavonia and Baranja, he also brought numerous soldiers from Central Europe to our region. After, at the end of the war, Slavonia and Baranja fell under Austrian rule, there followed a century of military presence, but also the immigration of people originating from the birthplace of European brewing - southern Germany and the Czech Republic.

They brought their love for beer and the art of its preparation to our region. In Osijek, the commanding place of the whole of Slavonia and Srijem, and thus the meeting place of numerous (German) soldiers, the brewery was already operational in the 1690s, becoming the first in the whole of today's Croatia. During the 19th century, the development of Slavonian brewing was further accelerated, and the nutritious and relaxing golden-bitter drink quickly caught up with the previously undisputed wine.

Good brewing traditions still live today in a pint of cold "Osječki", but also in an increasing number of beers from small craft producers. Among them, "Black Hat" from Đakovo, "Stric" from Našice, as well as "Mali div" from Osijek, "Nova Runda" with beer hall "Beertija" and "Beckers" stand out. By the way, the latter is a craft brewery that owes its name to one of the German Osijek commanders from the beginning of the 18th century. century. So let someone say that historical factography and wacky contemporary projects don't go together!