Specialties that you must try on your next trip Published 09/06/2022

Specialties that you must try on your next trip

Flavors that raise the experience of hedonism to a higher level

There are few feelings that can be compared to enjoying Slavonian-Baranja delicacies in the authentic ambience of local rural households. Scientists would say "synesthesia", and we say - kulen on the palate, in the nose the smell of a shepherd who "just isn't", in the ear the neighing of a horse, in front of the eyes of the wonders of the blossoming yard, and in the hands... well, a little more kulen, but also cheese , fresh salads, wine and irresistible desserts! Be sure that in this environment Beckett would welcome Godot, and even Proust wouldn't need seven volumes to find lost time. Moreover, in one of the most picturesque villages, Karanac, Baranja, it would already be waiting for him - at a full table, in the Street of Forgotten Time.

Eastern Croatia is recognized as a region where, apart from natural beauty and historical buildings, guests can enjoy distinctive gastronomy. The quality of food and ingredients from which it is produced today is no longer common and everyday. In fact, there are fewer and fewer places in the world where you will find such high quality food. Always and everywhere, dishes are superbly prepared from the highest quality and freshest ingredients, regardless of whether they are offered as daily meals or specialties, for local guests or foreigners, according to the original or modernized recipe, served in a rural, urban or natural environment. And all this is further spiced up by the host's broad soul, which additionally guarantees every guest an unforgettable pleasure in eating, drinking and visiting our Slavonia and Baranja.

What is being cooked in Slavonia and Baranja?

Slavonians and Baranjci have always known how to turn the wealth of fields, forests and rivers into a delicious snack and pride themselves on an abundance of good food. Few of our regions can boast such a variety of recipes, so you can enjoy traditional dishes such as the far-known shepherd's pie, perkelt and various types of stews, unimaginable without red ground Baranja pepper. In the abundance of original menus, even those who are not big fans of meat can find something for themselves, so fish dishes such as fish stew, as well as heavier food, such as beans in a jar, have deservedly won their place in the diverse gastronomic offer.

And what the listed delicacies have in common are lokšice, trganci, noodles, zavezanci, čikovi, valjušci, tarana... we can hardly list how many names and techniques of traditional shoka pasta exist in the rich Baranja table!

No calories are spared on dough desserts either - langošica, torn underpants, šufnudle, salenjaci, gomboci, noodles with poppy seeds, jam with walnuts, strudels, and irresistible - taške.

Authentic cuisine rich in the combination of styles and ingredients that dominate the east of Croatia is hard to find anywhere in the world, so don't delay the unforgettable hedonistic adventure - HeadOnEast and start planning your trip to Slavonia and Baranja today!

While researching and planning, discover a new experience and skill, learn to prepare traditional dishes and delight your household with the magic of flavors that continues on the first next trip.


– 1 kg of soft flour
– 0.5 l of lukewarm water
– 600 g of hard plum jam
– 25 dag of ground walnuts
– 25 dag poppies
– 20 dag of sugar
– Salted water for cooking


Knead a hard dough from soft flour and water and let it rest for a while.
During this time, boil salted water in the container in which the taske will be cooked.
Divide the dough into two parts, knead each one well and let it rest for a while.
Roll out a very thin piece of dough and one half of the rolled dough evenly, in rows sprinkle with piles of jam.
Cover the dough with jam with another part of the dough and press the dough around each pile of jam with your fingers.
Shape the bags with a dough cutting wheel.
Cook in salted water until soft.
Mix ground walnuts with sugar in one bowl, and poppy seeds with sugar in another.
Roll the hot bags in walnuts and poppy seeds.

Congratulations on your first steps, we wish you a hedonistic good start and see you in Slavonia and Baranja!