Land of wine Published 08/07/2022

Land of wine

Although many, enumerating the main cultural features of Slavonia and Baranja, will reach for the repertoire of tambourines, wheat fields or kulen and bacon, historically speaking, one of them surpasses them in age. If we exclude the motif of Slavonian forests, vineyards are the oldest and most persistent (agri)cultural phenomenon of our region. Vine has been cultivated here since the end of the 3rd century and Roman times. Over the centuries, it has been woven not only into the tradition of production, but also into space, language, customs, and thus of course into people.

All these features are summed up in the appearance and ambience of the four main Slavonia-Baranja wineries, as well as the core of the vineyards that surround them. In order, or from west to east, these are the Feričanci vineyard, the Đakovo vineyard, the Baranjsko vineyard and the Erdut vineyard in the far east of our county. Their histories stretch from about two hundred years to over half a millennium in the past, which makes them inexhaustible sources not only of top-quality drops, but also of valuable knowledge, unforgettable stories and exceptional motives for every honest Instagram profile.

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