Where do the black pigs go? Published 30/06/2022

Where do the black pigs go?

Just as under the sky of the legendary TV series there was a place for the most colorful characters and exciting ventures, so Slavonija and Baranja open up to guests as a region of unforgettable and diverse experiences. In our country, unlike the world of "Wild Pigs" on television, you will not carry your head in a bag but on your shoulder, ready to be enjoyed. Especially in what we are the strongest in.

Many consider the local gastronomy, refined by organic food growing and the art of preparation, which combines the best of traditional and contemporary cuisine, to be the pinnacle of Slavonia-Baranja tourism. The black Slavonian pig, an autochthonous breed of our region, occupies an increasingly prominent place in the elite gastronomic society. Everything about her is a special story. From the sight of farming on open flood pastures to enjoying its final products - top quality meat and cured meat delicacies. On its way from the green-blue-brown mosaic of the fields to the colorful and fragrant Slavonian-Baranja table, the popular "fajferica" is a symbol of ecological food cultivation, sustainable coexistence of man and nature, and superb slow food gastronomy.

In addition to an exceptional eco-gastronomic experience, the black Slavonian pig is also a cultural phenomenon. The story of its origin is a tale of Slavonia-Baranja history. About how the fertile plain, among many others, attracted the settler Pfeiffer family. Its most meritorious representative, Karl Leopold (1834-1913), created on his properties around Osijek what he will be remembered for to this day - a more resistant, meatier and better quality breed of traditional Slavonian pig. The most widespread for decades, and then almost completely forgotten for decades, the "Fajferica" breed is making a comeback today. In which direction is it going? We won't be wrong if we say - according to the gastronomic pantheon.

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