A Christmas idyll you shouldn’t miss – Đakovo Published 29/06/2022

A Christmas idyll you shouldn’t miss – Đakovo

Have you ever wanted to "crawl" under the glass cap of an idyllic, snow-covered Christmas ball? Since we did, and more than once, the impressions left by our stay in the "heart of Slavonia" during the Advent period and Christmas holidays are somewhat unreal - a big snow globe really exists, and we are lucky enough to enjoy it!

A pinch of pure Christmas

That's exactly how Đakovo is, wrapped in holiday clothes. Under the vault of his magnificent cathedral, which seems to hold the whole magical structure, thousands of tiny lights twinkle, the murmur of many joyful voices, squeals and shouts from the ice rink, the piercing growl of the beautiful Lipizzaners echo.

Yes, Đakovo, the home of the famous, half-millennium-old horse stud, is also unique during the holiday season for its Christmas floats. Perhaps you can feel the atmosphere of Christmas here best from the seat of a romantic carriage, reclining under a warm blanket. Mulled wine in one, and a loved one wrapped in the other arm, and there you are in the middle of one of the timeless Pannonian hits - "an old coach wanders the streets" while "the snow falls slowly all night long".


A festival of holiday abundance

Đakovo has always been a family town, a place of fairytale childhoods and family gatherings. These features adorn it even today, especially during the holiday season. Positive energy and cheerful home mood spill over into the whole city. As a visitor, you can only join such an environment - following the idea that if you are in Rome, live like a Roman. For the first time, however, try not to engage in congratulatory visits to strangers (leave that to professional Slavonians).

But that's why you should definitely stop by one of the city's restaurants. The atmosphere you will find will enchant you, not only because of the joy of the people gathered, but also because of the abundance of food and drink, as befits the heart of Slavonia. In Đakovo, you can eat deliciously, abundantly and, as a rule, very cheaply, and that at several culinary high-quality locations.

In the center of a two and a half century old vineyard, the wine list will not be a problem either. You can choose from a palette that offers a wide range of excellent white and red wines (Graševina, Traminac, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Frankovka, Pinot Noir, etc.).

While enjoying all this abundance, you have to pay attention to only one thing - to leave room for drinks and meals rather than the surprise snacks that the hosts of your hotel, apartment or vacation home will easily shower on you.

In short, Christmas idyll exists, enjoy it with us.