Recipe of the day – weekend in Slavonski-Baranjska Published 09/06/2022

Recipe of the day – weekend in Slavonski-Baranjska

In this spring time, cookbooks, both the two-legged ones and the bound ones, are working or flipping through at full steam! Of course, tagging, sharing and swiping the best recipes and their photos do not stop either. If anyone could even think that the people of Slavonia and Baranja do not have a horse to race in this matter, below is a recipe that will save you from standing in the kitchen, but knock you off your feet. To provide you with a handful of motives for shearing, but also a unique feeling of real sharing and enjoying the moment.

Number of servings: it is better to eat in company, so let's say, from two upwards
Preparation time: two days or more, depending on wishes (with a note that the recommendation of the Ministry of Table Culture reads: "The excess time does not hurt the head")


- Have an appetite (if you don't have it, all 5 will open up for you on the spot)
– Wear comfortable pants or a loose dress
- Wishing you a good time
– Visit to find your gourmet hotspot (and preferably, also a nest for the night)
- Get in the car and be with us in about two hours

Ingredients and preparation:

1. Aperitif: plum wine or pear wine, apricot wine, walnut wine or sour cherry wine, whichever you start with, you won't go wrong (just don't mix too much on an empty stomach, or order too many chokanjčki)

2. Plate for warming up: row of kulen and his sister some bacon, sirloin steak and smoked sausage, maybe a schnita or two švargle, and maybe a handful of cracklings; all this on a base of some homemade smoked or fresh cheese, with a spoonful of grandma's ajvar and two or three cucumbers (if you're braver, and some hot pepper). A basket of homemade bread from the oven, or a soft and juicy dough? Absolutely.

3. If the appetizer is "in your head", let the main flow. Especially if you are in Slavonia and Baranja for the first time, try the unmissable shepherd's pie, or if you are a fish type, fish with homemade "machine" noodles, yellow from July grain. Paired with the orange-red contents of the smoky kettle and the unforgettable "checkered" tablecloth, these colors, tastes and smells will make your mouth say three words - "This is everything!" Your smart pocket friend will also conclude the same - #NoFilterNeeded.

4. As we said earlier, the head does not hurt from excess. Therefore, the Slavonian-Baranja desserts leave nothing to chance. Their task is to maintain a margin of satiety and prevent any thought that maybe, God forbid, there was not enough of something at the table. Dumplings with plums, bags with jam, and noodles or jamara with walnuts or poppy seeds are delicacies that fill the little space left between "it's hard, but I'm breathing" and "now I can die in peace". They throw into a sweet Pannonian trance and stop time.

5. If everything said sounds too much to you, if necessary, a weekend in Slavonia-Baranja can also have a pronounced vegetarian flavor: pasta and mushrooms, vegetable dishes and scones, light creamy soups... It's up to you to find the right place, reserve a table and set navigation to HeadOnEast! coordinates.