Winter hedonistic metropolis – Osijek Published 29/06/2022

Winter hedonistic metropolis – Osijek

When it comes to travel, the past two years have trained us well in the skill of finding interesting and different destinations. It often turns out that the most beautiful hidden pearls and unique experiences are right under our noses, a few hours' drive away; that it only takes a little thinking outside the box, so that geographical concepts that we previously took for granted, or did not know about at all, become must-visit destinations.

This description also fits Osijek, the center of Slavonia and Baranja and the city that we discover this winter as an ideal place to enjoy the most joyful and relaxed part of the year.

The city turned into a promenade

Known for its cultural heritage, hospitable hosts and excellent gastronomy, during the holiday period Osijek "turns its main trump cards to the strongest". Decorated with a multitude of decorations and twinkling lights - insiders say that this year they are spread over ten kilometers - the main points of the city, but also the countless hidden corners of the city on the Drava, exude a truly special atmosphere.

At this time, the whole of Osijek turns into a huge, illuminated promenade. From Ante Starčević square with the unmissable view of the co-cathedral in the background, across Europa avenue, one of the most beautiful art nouveau lines in Southeastern Europe, to the spacious meadows that mourn the walls of the old Fortress, scenes of a winter idyll come before your eyes. The circle of the urban Christmas landscape is closed by a promenade along the Drava and a wooden river mill. Especially on foggy days, they form a somewhat mystical link between the buzz and warmth of the city center and the open Pannonian plain plunged into winter silence.

Unforgettable winter evenings

However, we do not round off the hedonistic recommendation with silence, but, on the contrary, with the good vibes of a city full of joy. Along its promenades, avenues and squares, as well as in the stone streets of the romantic Fortress, you will find many interesting pubs, bars, restaurants and tasting rooms. Some of them will offer you the best of regional gastronomy, wine and beer production. The offer of others is dominated by cosmopolitanism mixed with the Pannonian climate. The concept of the third party could be described as "lega" style - unencumbered by trends, these are places to spend time in the authentic Osijek way, characterized by a unique mix of multicultural Central European tradition and colorful customs of Slavonian village revelers.

Whatever content and lifestyle they promote, they all incorporate a part of themselves, their creativity and a broad Pannonian heart into the holiday Osijek. With due respect for material heritage, Instagrammable scenes and the power of light effects, it is precisely the heart that makes Osijek's winter pleasures even more special.