What ongoing problems does Graševina solve? Published 30/06/2022

What ongoing problems does Graševina solve?

Crisis, price increases, inflation, current problems as if on tape. However, according to the old example of breaking out a wedge with a wedge, Slavonija and Baranja respond to ongoing problems - with ongoing solutions. We have them in abundance, since they thrive on the gentle slopes and sunny terraces of the Slavonia-Baranja vineyards, from Feričanaci in the west, through Đakovo in the south and Erdut in the east, to Baranja in the north of our easy-going region.

At the same time, the mother of all solutions is Graševina. The favorite white wine variety between the Carpathians, the Alps and the Adriatic has also taken deep root in the Slavonia-Baranja region. Its fresh aroma and airy golden tones brighten the days, and especially the weekends, of many people from Slavonia, Baranja and their guests. Graševina is extremely adaptable in solving problems. Here you can enjoy the refined ambience of centuries-old wineries and renowned tasting rooms - from the archbishop's cellars in Đakovo, through the Osijek regional wine shop, to the famous cellars of the Belje and Erdut wineries. In such places, graševina will draw your attention to which glass is being drunk from which wine and which finger is holding which glass.

But just as much (if not more so), she will be your faithful companion in overcoming the challenges of casual socializing on Slavonian-Baranja estates and farms, in holiday homes and outings in nature. On such occasions, he will not insist on serving protocol and where each finger ended up. On the contrary, it will encourage you in the fact that your fingers end up clasped in hugs, hovering over delicious delicacies or stretched in the air to the rhythm of the song.

As long as you don't break them, graševina is happy that it can help and that it can make you happy, being the solution to more or less every current problem 😉