The best fish are in the east Published 30/06/2022

The best fish are in the east

Although lovers of jargon and the fairer sex will think that this statement aims in that direction, we in Slavonia and Baranja are not quite so rude. It goes without saying that our ladies are beautiful. It is enough to walk along one of the sun-drenched promenades of the local towns and your eye will inevitably be caught by... the elegant classicist and art nouveau architecture of Osijek, its lawns and the splendor of the most beautiful river promenade in Croatia. For the slender lines of Đakovo town streets and its majesty the cathedral. For the fullness and playfulness of the parks in Valpovo and Našice.


Jump to the village of Slavonia-Baranja (it's always there somewhere). What beauty awaits you here! Inspired by tradition, ready for action (bike, run, row, ride!), cheerful and skilled with cooking - that's the Pannonian village idyll! Upon meeting her, many imagine meeting a goldfish in which they wish for only one thing - that the village of Slavonia and Baranje turn into a person (maybe even two) who will then...

Let's finish with fantasies! We don't have goldfish though. But we have fish - for which we are writing all this - and in a thousand and one ways. Our large rivers and numerous lakes gift us with continental fish delicacies that will make you forget about the sea. Simmering fish, crispy catfish steaks, skewers of carp on forks, light fish soups, irresistible pâtés... Even the culinary baksuz vulgaris can shake out a whole platter of Slavonian-Baranja fish delicacies. When you let them swim in the waters of our selected Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Traminac, and even Graševina, you will realize that there are no ambiguities, allusions and doubts - the best fish are truly in the East!