Push the boundaries without crossing the border! Published 29/06/2022

Push the boundaries without crossing the border!

The letter you've been waiting for for the last year

We could start pathetically and say that challenging times call for challenging answers. But what does that even mean? We, Slavonians and Baranians, are practical people, authorized by the ministry of table culture and a broad-handed financial agency. With such coverage, we address all of you exhausted by work, restless in spirit, fed up with Netflix, unsatisfied with food!

Breathe in our wide horizons, discover forest and wine trails (in hiking or biking versions), embrace our big rivers! To avoid misunderstandings, this is not an invitation to drown, but a subtle recommendation to visit our Danube-Drava dike, the unique Kopački rit. The Bijelo Loča Water Promenade will reveal some of the most hidden natural corners (and photo-scenes) in Croatia, without ever running out of signal. Because it is a plain and the city is always close. Osijek Fortress and Korzo, Đakovo cathedral and stables, castles and gardens of Našice and Valpovo, or you know what - Kneževi Vinogradi, Suza, Zmajevac, those sleepy towns-villages of old Baranja! Every true bodybuilder wants them on his seen list, and every true gourmet on his eno-gastro itinerary. Speaking of which, don't miss a toast in Erdut, looking out over the mighty Danube and, as the poet would say, ancient Pannonia.

Where to take a break from all that intense activity of the palate, biceps and quadriceps? You are only here for sweet worries. Whether you're looking for lovely old guesthouses, rustic estates in the countryside or, it's not too bad, city hotels with room service, we're here, dear people, we're here, with a big smile that we can't take off our faces, because that's how Slavonians are by nature kids.

It is a challenging time and various borders are hanging over our heads. But only one of them is liberating. Move it - come east and hedonize yourself! You will discover a land of plenty and a wide soul, you will

sincerely yours,

inhabitants of Slavonia and Baranja