In the company of nobles Published 30/06/2022

In the company of nobles

At a time when historical and costume spectacles are experiencing a real revival and are breaking viewership records, who wouldn't like to spend at least a day or two in the company of true nobles, on their spacious, elegant estates? If you decide to search for them, go to Slavonia-Baranja expanses, you won't go wrong, and here's why.

In addition to a number of old noble castles and estates, from Bilje and Tikveš in Baranja, to Našice and Valpovo, to the Erdut castle on the banks of the Danube, Slavonija and Baranja also offer an unforgettable experience of enjoying nature in the company of their majesty's horses. They have been grown in an organized manner in these regions for more than half a millennium, as evidenced by the famous Lipizzaner stud in Đakovo and Ivandvor (one institution - two must-see locations).

In addition to the symbolic center of Slavonia-Baranja horse breeding, recently family estates and ranches have become more and more prominent, where you can enjoy horseback riding or take a riding course, experience a gentleman's ride in an antique carriage or simply feast your eyes on the sights of horses that, as the old woman says song, "they are rushing, but in fact they are not rushing anywhere". Since almost every one of these places, especially in Baranja, framed by a network of beautiful paths and paths that lead through the surrounding forests, along ponds, river backwaters and endless fields, on the backs of noble four-legged friends you will truly feel as if it is another time, or at least, as if time has stopped, for the joy of the body, and even more so the soul.