Baranja Mountaineering Bypass Published 29/06/2022

Baranja Mountaineering Bypass

New Baranja attraction for hikers and walkers

Hundreds of hectares of vineyards and forests, fields of corn, grain and oilseed rape are attractive elements of the landscape of Bansko Brdo, only two hundred meters high. Bansko brdo in Baranja is generally known as a wine-growing region, but few people know that the local population calls it Planina. More and more people perceive it as a great place for a walk because of the fantastic views and unique surduk, especially because it is only half an hour's drive from Osijek.

Krešimir Čandrlić

All these elements attracted the Mountaineering Association "Zanatlija" from Osijek to complete the multi-year plan of routing the Baranjska mountain ring road. A group of enthusiasts during 2020. In 2008, they worked intensively on the establishment, arrangement and registration with the Croatian Mountaineering Association of three hiking routes: 620 (Vidikovac "Belje" - Ćuzaheđ), 621 (Ćuzaheđ - Trojnaš) and 622 (Zmajevac - Batina), on which 16 control points of Baranjska were arranged. hiking trails. The detour ends in Batina, where PD Zanatlija owns land and wine cellars with the aim of future development of a small open-type hiking center with picnic area and campsite.

Krešimir Čandrlić

The BPO is linear, with a total length of 30 km, which requires 9 hours of walking. From the ridge of Banski Brdo, for good visibility, there is a view towards Hungary, Vojvodina (Sombor), Osijek and Erdut. The highest geodetic point of Banski brdo is the top of Kamenjak with a height of 243m. The "Belje" transmitter has the same height, while the transmitter itself is 222 m high and at the same time the highest antenna pole in Croatia. The bypass passes through the municipalities of Popovac, Draž and Kneževi Vinogradi.

Map of hiking trails - Baranjska mountain ring road - Bansko brdo

Krešimir Čandrlić