A perfect alternative to the city crowd Published 29/06/2022

A perfect alternative to the city crowd

Slavonija and Baranja are a perfect alternative to the city crowd, ideal for lovers of nature, active vacations and excellent food and wine offers.

If you are not in a hurry, instead of the highway, choose the Podravska magistrala for the road to Slavonia and discover the charms of the life of the Slavonian lords. In Našice, visit the impressive late-baroque Pejačević castle and one of the most beautiful parks in Slavonia. The northernmost Donji Miholjac is adorned with the Mailáth Castle, which resembles a portal to Wonderland, while Valpovo boasts the medieval-baroque Prandau-Normann complex. After stories about charming noblemen, treat yourself to a hedonistic treatment in Bizovačke Toplice, a spa oasis with the warmest thermal water in Europe, unique in the world.

If you are traveling on the highway, stop in Ivandvor, where a herd of Lipizzaner gallop in the picturesque landscape. After they grow up, they will show their splendor in nearby Đakovo, in a much smaller way in the State Stud, one of the oldest in Europe. Whichever way you approach Đakovo, the first thing you will see is the enchanting cathedral of St. Peter's, in the immediate vicinity of which there is the Archbishop's Wine Cellar, where you can taste the famous Đakovo Mass wines. The restaurant and bar "Kuća dida Tunje" is located in the very heart of Slavonia.

After Đakovo, we continue along "Slavonika" to Osijek, the hedonistic metropolis of Slavonia and Baranja. It is one of those cities that can rightfully say that they are human-sized, especially if you consider yourself a family type. Neither too big nor too small, rich in social and cultural content, airy and surrounded by natural beauty. Osijek is actually one big promenade where you can easily visit the main attractions by bike: the neo-Gothic co-cathedral of St. St. Peter and Paul, Art Nouveau European Avenue and Baroque Fortress with numerous museums, restaurants and night clubs. From Tvrđa, head towards the Drava promenade. Visit the river mill, and then go down to the scaffolding that will take you to the left bank, where the Osijek Zoo, the largest in this part of Europe, is located.

From Osijek, take the Danube road that takes you to Erdut, a hedonistic wine paradise. Stop at one of the numerous wineries, from the Brzica winery, which offers the most beautiful view of the Danube, to the Antunović winery, which boasts champion Graševina. Visit the Erdut vineyards and see one of the largest wine barrels in Europe. Finally, in addition to the Aljmaško shrine, visit the nearby Dalj, and after visiting the birthplace of the world-famous scientist Milutin Milanković, treat yourself to dinner at the "Stari Mlin" restaurant, on the banks of the Danube. If the carefree enjoyment of Erdut wines has "tricked" you a little, you can stay in the beautiful villas with swimming pools, Villa Aljmaš and Villa Katarina.

We left the best for last. Kopački rit Nature Park is located in Baranja, a magnet for hikers and nature lovers. You can explore one of Europe's last wetlands by bike, canoe, or enjoying a photo safari from a boat. The Eco-center Zlatna Greda is located near Rit, which offers visitors a variety of active content, of which we highlight the adrenaline park, the first in eastern Croatia. In addition to adrenaline, prepare for a gastronomic adventure in Baranja, which will definitely remain in your memory. In this realm of good food and even better wine, don't miss tasting various fish and meat delicacies, as well as fantastic desserts. Located in picturesque villages, visit the restaurants Didin Konak, Darócz, Citadela, Baranjska Kuća and Kovač Čarda. In the ethnic village of Karanac, after waking up on the farm of Ivica and Marica to the sound of roosters and chirping birds, visit the Street of Forgotten Time near Baja, make your own souvenir from Baranja mud in the Astaloš pottery workshop, and taste Baranja kulen Matijević in Suza. Discover the viewpoint on Banski Brdo, on one of the most beautiful Croatian wine roads, and take a peek into the wine cellar in Kneževi Vinograd, the largest in Croatia. Then stop in Suza, at the Pinkert or Kolar wine cellars, which in addition to the wine cellar also offer a campsite. Take a walk through the dragon gators - cellars dug in the slopes of Banski Brdo, where you will find a wine tasting room and an excellent Josić restaurant.

Spacious Slavonia and authentic Baranja await you and invite you to a true experience of absolute hedonism!