Kulen Academy – a unique art experience Published 09/06/2022

Kulen Academy – a unique art experience

Are you an artistic soul? Do you like when all your senses merge into one superb experience? There is no doubt that Kulen-Academy is for you! It is a unique artistic direction which, if historical records are to be believed, has been practiced by hardened connoisseurs of Slavonia-Baranja for at least five centuries. In other words, before the legendary Renaissance masters, the Flemish school and the youth from the impressionist and modernist movements, the Kulen school from Slavonia-Baranja discovered the secret of artistic synesthesia, i.e. experience of art derived from the combination of all human senses!

The secret of the kulen composition varies from master to master, and no one, of course, will put it in black and white. However, it can be said with considerable certainty that the process goes something like this: after mixing the natural color from local ingredients and first-class hot and sweet peppers, an unforgettable taste is achieved by adding just the right amount of salt, garlic, and in Baranja, white pepper. After it has been carefully and patiently dried, the composition acquires an inimitable aromatic smell and a bumpiness under the fingers. Served at an angle, with a sharp brush on an authentic wooden base, it is ready for the final sensory stimulus - an offering to the impatient palate, from which the delighted admirer of the work of art will finally seep only briefly, but clearly to all - "yum".

Although an unskilled pen can hardly convey all the layers that are hidden behind this short, almost Dadaist exclamation of artistic-gastronomic happiness, the prestige of the kulen-academy speaks volumes for the fact that even today - moreover, more and more - some of the most sought-after artists come from it. works on the domestic and foreign culinary scene. For all those who want direct artistic experience, members of the academy throughout Slavonia and Baranja organize shorter or longer artistic kulen-colonies. Don't miss them!