Delights at an angle Published 08/07/2022

Delights at an angle

When we say that something is "at an angle", we often mean that it is crooked, that it is carried away, in general, that it is not or will not turn out well. Nevertheless, some exceptions confirm the rule and, apart from the leaning tower in Pisa, we can find them in Slavonia and Baranja respectively. The people of the lowlands are sometimes carried away by singing like this as they return home at dawn (google "bećar", "lola", "bekrija"). Gastronomic first aid, which is hidden in the attic, smokehouse or basement of every real Slavonian-Baranja house, brings them back to level.

These are, of course, cured meat specialties: along with a row of kulen and its cuts on an oak oval, there will also be a bit of shiny, fragrant bacon; on the other side, the balance of the tray is maintained by sirloin steak and smoked sausage. In the company, one or two švargle are often found, resting on slices of some kind of home-made smoked or fresh cheese. Between these trellises of the geometry of pleasure, evading all order and regular slopes, a handful or two of homemade čvarak, the legendary Slavonian-Baranja, healthier version of chips.

With our traditional salary, you can, as we said, cure a hangover, but also start the day energetically in the plains. You can invite her to a picnic in nature, or combine it with a noble Pannonian drop. After all, you can start unforgettable dinners and nights with it, after which you will be greeted again in the morning by those saviors in the form of delicacies around the corner.