Brandies and liqueurs Published 08/07/2022

Brandies and liqueurs

Long gone are the times when it was said: "brandy here, because there is no comfort in water". If you are traveling in Slavonia and Baranja today, the brandies and liqueurs you will taste will tell you a story that, of course, springs from tradition, but is also inspired by modernity.

The places that have gone the furthest in this connection of the old and the new are our specialized tasting rooms. There are several of them in the area of Osijek-Baranja County. In the area of Našice, more precisely in Podgorač, you can find the Đanić tasting room, which offers a range of traditionally produced Slavonian brandies and local liqueurs all over the Adriatic coast, thus combining Croatian green and blue. At the other end of the county, in Erdut, the "Divania" tasting room represents perhaps the best example of the above-described principle of tradition immersed in modernity. North of the Drava, in Baranja, the "Goldberg" tasting room in Popovac offers a sipping experience in the idyllic-rustic setting of the Baranja Planina. A little further south, in the Baranja lowland, there is a distinctive modern interpretation of the old Croatian "rakija" history - the Kneževa kušaonica.

Of course, apart from these places, you will find homemade brandy, most often šljivovica, and sometimes viljamovka or some other fruit distillate, in almost every Slavonian-Baranja village household. The products of family roasters are not necessarily branded, but you can be sure that they have soul (especially after two or three glasses, also known as čokanjčići in our country). You can taste the wide variety of Pannonian fruit riches in an enticing drop in our restaurants: from plums and pears, to apricots, quinces and walnuts, to blackberries, blueberries and cherries, we must have left someone out. You, however, don't - what you don't get to taste, take it with you ;)